15-year fixed-rate mortgage

Act fast on a 15-year mortgage

Helping our members make smart financial decisions is one of the reasons we exist. It’s why we’ve created a limited-time offer, giving our members access to an incredible rate for 15-year mortgages. Plus, your loan stays with us. If you are thinking about refinancing your current home or buying a new home, taking advantage of this new rate might help you save money and put your financial dreams within reach.

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Low rates on a 15-year mortgage

Homebuyers who choose a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage score two big financial advantages: a lower total cost of ownership and a predictable monthly payment. Our current special a 15-year mortgage offers significantly lower interest rates than 30-year fixed options, so you could knock thousands of dollars off the long-term cost of your home.

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Available on refinances or purchases

Whether you’re refinancing your existing home or purchasing a new home, a 15-year might be the right choice for you.


Refinancing your mortgage can give you the option to pay off your home sooner. If you’re looking to cut the amount of credit has improved or rates are lower since you financed your home, refinancing your mortgage could be a smart financial decision.


Since you’re paying off your loan in half the time, the monthly payments are higher on a 15-year mortgage but rates are lower than a 30-year mortgage. By paying off your loan in half the usual time, you’ll save more than a decade’s worth of interest payments.

Shorter loan, less interest

It’s simple math. By paying off your loan in half the usual time, you’ll save more than a decade’s worth of interest payments. In the first 15 years of a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, for example, around two-thirds of your monthly payment gets eaten up by interest, and whatever’s left over gets applied to the principal. With a 15-year mortgage, it’s the opposite. Two-thirds of your payment goes toward paying down your balance, while only a third goes to interest.

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*15-year fixed rates start at 2.990%, 1.000% Points, 3.219% APR. Rates may change and are current as of 2/8/19. Assumes 80% loan-to-value/combined loan-to-vlaue purchase of owner-occupied, Single family residence, 740 credit score, and $300,000 purchase price on a 45 day lock. For example, on a loan for $240,000 at 2.990% for 180 months, you would make 180 payments of $1,656.24. Rates, fees, and programs subject to change without notice at any time.