2021 Annual Report

We're here to enrich lives.

OCCU Branch
“Our team continues to lean into our vision to enrich lives by taking the time to listen to your needs and offering options to support you. Sometimes this means taking the opportunity to look deeper than what a credit score, income or debt might tell us and learn from you on a personal level to explore ways we might be able to help wherever you are on your financial journey.”

Ron Neumann
President & CEO

We measure our success by our members’ long-term financial health. When you thrive, we thrive.

450 mortgage loans

to help members purchase their first
or next homes.

526 member impact loans

for a total of $4.7 million to support
members with needs big and small.

Building community resilience truly is a team effort — and together we’ve done a lot of building this year.

41,066 new members

nearly doubling the previous
year's growth.

227,973 total members

each member-owner helps us become
stronger as an organization.

11,203 new checking accounts
57,750 auto loans

In 2021, we continued our efforts to reduce or eliminate many of the fees typically charged by financial institutions. We anticipate this will save our membership $1.8 million over the next year.

Reduced extended
overdraft fee from
$17 to $9.
Waived first extended overdraft fee, late fee or Skip-A-Pay fee for members in a 12-month period.

We’ve continued to expand our service area, our network of branch locations and the services we provide.

We began deploying video teller services at our ATMs.

transactions at our branch locations.

4.6 million

online banking transactions.


mobile deposits.

28 million

debit and credit card transactions.


clients supported by our Investment Services team.

Field of

expanded to now welcome members
from the state of Washington.

“OCCU makes it easy to do what I need to do with my account. There's no hoops to go through in order to find my routing number, or anything else that I need to find. And when I need support, it has always been fast and respectful.”

– OCCU member

“OCCU offers cutting edge technology and allows us to do all of our financial needs online. It’s just easy to pay bills, deposit checks, check all accounts, transfer monies within our own system and a variety of other functions. We have been members since college days and will continue to enjoy this institution.”

– OCCU member

Connecting to community

“Even with continued COVID protocols and severely limited volunteer opportunities, the OCCU team still managed to support our nonprofit partners in 2021. Strong communities are the foundation of our future well-being — and when we invest in each other, everyone benefits.”
Heather Billings
Chief Marketing Officer

In 2021 Oregon Community Credit Union Foundation partnered with 32 nonprofits and donated more than $550,000 to organizations that are making an impact in our communities, including:

  • PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation
  • Parenting Now
  • Blessings in a Backpack
  • McKenzie Community Development Corporation
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Salem Health Foundation
  • Volunteers in Medicine
  • Project Hope of Lane County

in scholarships funded.


donated toward community building.


to support health initiatives
across the region.


distributed in 12 grants
for fire relief efforts.

“The funds the Hope Project received from the OCCU Foundation went right to work. With them we built sheds and provided tools for the people who had lost their homes in the Holiday Farm Fire to begin to rebuild. Just seeing that small shed on their property was a small ray of Hope that they would rebuild, they could make this their home again.”
Ken Brown
Project Hope

Sponsorships funded through OCCU’s branches, employee giving and corporate philanthropy: $113,992

“OCCU's involvement with the Real Men Wear Pink of Lane County campaign has helped move mountains, raising revenue and awareness which exponentially increases our impact on our fight against breast cancer. They have been exceptional to work with, providing donations and resources alike, which has made an incredible impact on our mission.”

– American Cancer Society
Pictured: Brian Alfano,
OCCU Chief Operations Officer
Real Men Wear Pink Ambassador
207 paid employee
volunteer hours.

"OCCUF has invested to keep children safe and families together with us since 2011 – by providing hope for the holidays and joining us as a new 2021 Prevention Patron sponsor. We are quite honored to partner with OCCU!”

– Family Building Blocks,
Salem, Oregon

Our 2021 Financial Summary

Statement of Financial Condition

Loans to Members (Net) $2,239,050,188
Cash on Hand $19,473,636
Cash on Deposit $418,506,769
Investments $64,034,821
Land and Building $13,177,941
Furniture and Equipment $5,483,093
Other Assets $66,394,677

Total Assets $2,826,121,125

Liabilities and Equity
Notes Payable $5,199,000
Other Liabilities $99,584,924

Total Notes & Other Liabilities $104,783,924

Shares $805,278,851
Share Drafts $793,407,173
Money Market Accounts $480,964,828
Certificate and IRA Accounts $353,163,493

Total Member Share Accounts $2,432,814,345
Total Equity $288,522,856

Total Liabities and Equity $2,826,121,125

Statement of Income

As of 12/31/2021
Income from Loans $68,838,670
Income from Investments $1,294,718
Other Operating Income $39,752,453

Gross Operating Income $109,885,841
Less Operating Expenses $94,507,834

Income from Operations $15,378,007
Plus Non-Operating Gains $73,029,420

Income before Interest Expense $88,407,427
Less Interest Expense $10,702,848

Net Income $77,704,579

As we move into 2022, we’ll continue to focus on bringing even more value to your OCCU membership, serving as your trusted financial partner and meeting you wherever you are on your financial journey.

Chair and CEO report

JEANINE JENSEN, Board Chair and RON NEUMANN, President & CEO

Bringing you value

Just two years ago, under the guidance of our Board of Directors, we restated our vision - Enrich Lives. We are passionate about delivering on this vision and together we work to ensure that your best interests are at the forefront of everything we do.

It goes without saying that the past few years have brought unexpected challenges to us all, but we are pleased to say that OCCU has remained a safe and sound financial institution. When many organizations found it difficult to consistently provide services, retain staff and grow, OCCU continued to thrive. We introduced new products and services, added team members throughout the region and expanded our branch footprint. We know this would not have been possible without an exceptional team and the trust that you have placed in us.

Our commitment to adding value also bolstered our desire to eliminate and reduce account fees. Most notably, in 2021 we reduced our extended overdraft fee to just $9 (among the lowest in the nation) and eliminated or reduced a variety of other fees. In total, the changes made in 2021 alone will keep more than $1.8 million in our members’ pockets over the course of a year and we’re not stopping there - watch for more reductions and eliminations in the year ahead.

We believe your feedback is critical to meet your evolving needs, so each month we survey members to learn how we can more effectively support our membership. Guided by these insights, we have added drive-up services; expanded our business and investment services offerings; continued to enhance MyOCCU Online & Mobile; and introduced video teller technology through our ATMs.

We believe the relationship with our members is a partnership. In the past year, we focused on making an impact for our members by meeting them where they are and seeing them as individuals, over and above standard lending guidelines. We approved small loans for more than 500 members (who might not otherwise qualify for traditional loans) to purchase new eyeglasses, care for an ailing family pet or make emergency vehicle repairs. Our team takes the time to listen, ask questions and get creative to walk beside you regardless of your situation.

Looking ahead, we will embrace new opportunities to enhance the value of OCCU membership. We will continue to offer competitive deposit and loan rates, while also expanding our mortgage lending and business services capabilities, enhancing our credit card experience with new features and enhanced rewards offerings and continuing to enhance our ATMs, online banking and mobile app. 2022 should prove to be another exciting year with many new projects and initiatives. For example:

  • We are adding branch locations – we’ll open a full-service branch in Junction City later this year and have begun work on a new branch location in Corvallis. We are excited about joining these communities and continue to explore other potential locations to better serve you.
  • Mid-year, we will convert our credit card platform to a new processor. This change will allow us to improve and optimize your digital experience by offering a more tightly integrated connection into MyOCCU Online & Mobile banking. We will also be able to bring you new features such as contactless cards and enhanced rewards offerings.
  • The online loan payment experience will become easier, and we’ll introduce new options such as person to person payments.
  • More self-serve options will be added to our online channels to allow you to do your banking on your schedule.
  • We’re exploring home and auto insurance products to help provide affordable alternatives to bring you peace of mind.
  • The OCCU Foundation will continue to invest in other nonprofits and important initiatives to help our communities thrive.

These are just some of the exciting enhancements we’re working on for 2022. They are the result of the feedback you’ve shared and the insights you’ve given about how we can meet your evolving needs. You are the reason behind everything we do, and we are honored to have the opportunity to enrich your life, as well as that of our future members and the communities we serve.

With deep appreciation,

Jeanine Jensen

Board Chair

Ron Neumann

President & CEO
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Dedicated to safety
and soundness

JACOB SIEGEL, Supervisory Committee Chair

The OCCU Supervisory Committee is appointed by the OCCU Board of Directors from among the members of OCCU. The Committee acts as our members’ representative in monitoring the operations of OCCU, making sure it is soundly managed.

The Committee’s role is to ensure that an annual overall financial audit and verification of members’ accounts is performed, and that OCCU has adequate internal controls in place to provide for the safety of member assets. The Committee reviews all audits and reports any significant findings to the Board of Directors.

The annual financial audit and verification of members’ accounts for 2021 were completed by professional services firm Moss Adams with an effective date of Sept. 30, 2021. Their formal opinion letter confirmed that the financial statements fairly represent OCCU’s financial position.

In addition to the verification of members’ accounts and annual financial audit, the Committee also reviews all internal audits. These audits were performed by the firm Doeren Mayhew in 2021. OCCU management continues to respond promptly to mitigate any operational issues as they arise.

OCCU’s systems and controls are strong and effective in ensuring the safety of member assets.

On behalf of the Supervisory Committee, I would like to thank the Board of Directors, management and staff for their work. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Jacob Siegel

Supervisory Committee Chair
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“I’ve done my banking at OCCU for over 20 years and have appreciated the friendly, professional and personal service the entire time. Service in person and by phone has always been excellent. Feels like banking in a small town. Great people and service always!” — OCCU member

Meet our team

Board of Directors

  • Jeanine Jensen
  • Beverly Anderson
    Vice Chair
  • John Gogol
  • Bill Inge
  • Tom Larson
  • Genevieve Parker
  • Ron Neumann
    Treasurer, OCCU President & CEO

Associate Board Members

  • Sarah Hagen
  • Rick Varnum

Supervisory Committee

  • Jacob Siegel
  • Jackie Rice
    Vice Chair
  • Justin Freeman
  • Lauren Jerome
  • Ellen Manzer

Leadership Team

  • Ron Neumann
    President & CEO
  • Brian Alfano
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Russ Bernardo
    Chief Lending Officer
  • Heather Billings
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Tracey Keffer
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Greg Schumacher
    Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
  • Terri Baker
    VP of Member Support
  • Dan English
    Director of Technology
  • Steven Epling
    Director of Credit Services
  • Casey Foltz
    VP of Analytics
  • Lacey Green
    Director of Executive Services
  • Aris Jerahian
    VP of Payment & Digital Services
  • Brian Killingsworth
    VP of Technology
  • Cherie Kistner
    Director of Communications
  • Gary Lanier
    VP of Retail Operations
  • Angelica Murillo
    VP of Regulatory Compliance
  • Ethan Nelson
    VP of Credit Administration
  • Dan Ripplinger
    VP of Business Services
  • Lindsey Roberts
    VP of Real Estate Lending
  • Brandy Rodtsbrooks
    Director of Marketing
  • Dave Schiffer
    VP of Finance
  • Kirsten Simmons
    VP of Organizational Development
  • Vadivel Sreedar
    Director of Enterprise Project Management
  • Chris Whittaker
    VP of Consumer Lending
  • Matthew Wilson
    VP of Risk & Administration

Corporate Offices

2880 Chad Drive
Eugene, OR 97408
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