2019 Annual Report

More than you expect. Everything you deserve.

OCCU Branch

We’re here to enrich lives.

“2019 was a year of forward momentum for OCCU. Together, we worked to enrich lives and I am proud to report that OCCU is a safe and sound financial institution poised for growth.”

Ron Neumann
President & CEO

We're here when our members need us most

A single mother on a limited income needed support for her monthly bills. By taking the time to listen to her needs, our team was able to provide a solution that helped her with rent and other bills, while also leaving a little extra money for the holidays.
A longtime member was suddenly past due on several accounts. Our team recognized that this was out of the norm and took the time to dig in to see how we could help. Turns out, caring for an ill family member had taken its toll. Together, we found a solution to help the member catch up on bills and get back on the path to financial success.

We care for our members in a way that adds value to their lives.

20,304 New members

We welcomed new member-owners to the family in 2019.

165,864 Total members

Each member-owner helps us become stronger as an organization.

We brought more value to more members

$350,000 fee reduction savings

We’ve reduced or eliminated account-related fees—more than 40% to-date—to bring you more value.

1,006 mortgage loans

We help make home ownership a reality by walking with members every step of their journey.

18,906 vehicle loans

Whether you’re ready for your first car or you're dreaming of traveling around in a brand-new RV, we've got you covered.

We offered support, tools, and education

Our loan counselors supported more than 450 members facing difficult times with a variety of options to help meet their individual needs.
5,854,101 page views

MyOCCU.org is the gateway to online banking, applying for loans and opening new accounts.

2,553,127 visits

Visitors can take in financial education, pick up security tips and see how OCCU is involved in our communities.

We made access easy

1,236,147 branch transactions

We supported our members in the branch by performing more than 1.2 million transactions.

345,182 phone calls

We helped our members over the phone too by performing transactions, updating information, answering questions and more.

At OCCU, we know it’s the experiences our members have that make the difference. We prioritize the things that most improve those experiences. In 2019, MyOCCU Online & Mobile made up the single largest project we’ve undertaken. Improving the online channel was important to our members, so it was important to us to deliver.

“I opened the app for the first time and it was so easy. I love it!”

“Nice job with the new internet banking desktop app! It flows well and is easy to use.”

"Wow. It's so streamlined!"

– OCCU Members

We gave back to the community—big time!

We gave $446,408 in donations
and sponsorships

We supported local nonprofits with more than $137,000 and our employees stepped up and donated an additional $54,000.

2,055 hours

Working together helps to make our communities stronger. We encourage our employees to give back with voluntarism through our Community Outreach for Employees (CORE) program.

OCCU Foundation

The OCCU Foundation supported the work of nonprofits committed to helping the communities we serve.


Through the OCCU Foundation, we continued our commitment to education by supporting scholarships at the University of Oregon and Lane Community College.

We kept our community safe from identity theft


tons shredded
during Shred Fest.


tons shredded throughout
month of May.


total tons
shredded in 2019.

“Snack Packs have been extremely helpful for families. We have many working families that are just able to pay their bills, but have little left over to meet the food needs of their family. This program helps ease some of that stress.” Julie, School Resource Center Coordinator

Our 2019 Financial Summary

Statement of Financial Condition

Loans to Members (Net) $1,664,665,788
Cash on Hand $9,962,871
Cash on Deposit $98,904,414
Investments $58,229,346
Land and Building $13,056,822
Furniture and Equipment $3,467,085
Other Assets $41,097,748

Total Assets $1,889,384,074

Liabilties and Equity
Notes Payable $0
Other Liabilities $32,326,580

Total Notes & Other Liabilities $32,326,580

Shares $592,483,762
Share Drafts $260,881,430
Money Market Accounts $402,591,416
Certificate and IRA Accounts $420,407,505

Total Member Share Accounts $1,676,364,113
Total Equity $180,693,381

Total Liabities and Equity $1,889,384,074

Statement of Income

As of 12/31/2019
Income from Loans $71,683,998
Income from Investments $2,535,195
Other Operating Income $28,509,843

Gross Operating Income $102,729,036
Less Operating Expenses $73,556,603

Income from Operations $29,172,433
Plus Non-Operating Gains $1,423,252

Income before Interest Expense $30,595,685
Less Interest Expense $10,041,888

Net Income $20,553,797

We strive to enrich lives for our members, our employees and our community. Together, we work to deliver more than you expect and everything you deserve.

Aligning to something greater than ourselves keeps us humble and helps us leverage the power of working together for the greater good.

Your partner, today
and tomorrow.

By RON NEUMANN, President & CEO

Last year we welcomed more than 20,000 new members and assets grew to over $1.8 billion. This growth allowed us to bring even more value to our more than 165,000 members.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned by our members, it is expected that we invest in you. Last year, we focused those investments on enhanced products and services, expanded online capabilities, added security and additional support to the communities we serve to help make them stronger.

As part of our investment in our online capabilities, we launched MyOCCU Online & Mobile in May. A very, robust, digital banking platform designed to support members’ banking needs 24/7, it offers a variety of new self-service tools. We are very excited about this new platform and look forward to delivering additional features and enhancements in the months and years ahead.

OCCU remains committed to finding proactive opportunities to remove barriers for our members. In 2019, we continued our work to reduce or eliminate member account-related fees – more than 40% to-date - including monthly checking account service charges and non-qualification and temporary check fees. I am passionate about continuing this work to bring additional value to OCCU membership.

By choosing OCCU, you are a member-owner of a not-for-profit financial cooperative. This cooperative structure sets OCCU apart from other financial institutions, and it is what allows us to continue to bring you more than you expect and everything you deserve.

We are fortunate to work with a passionate, engaged Board of Directors dedicated to enriching the lives of our members and the communities we serve. This group is engaged and talented and regularly collaborates with our team. I am inspired by their unwavering commitment to serve as the voice of the member as we work together to bring additional value to you.

On behalf of the nearly 400 members of the OCCU team, thank you for placing your trust in us. We know you have a choice when it comes to a financial institution and we are honored that you have selected us as your partner. We remain committed to continuing to support you on your financial journey for years to come.

With gratitude,

Ron Neumann

President & CEO
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Far from ordinary.


2019 was another successful year for us. Under the leadership of President & CEO Ron Neumann, OCCU saw outstanding growth both financially and in membership. The team also completed one of our biggest initiatives to date, the launch of MyOCCU Online & Mobile.

This new digital banking platform brings more functionality and access to our membership, something that is very important to the Board. As the voice of our membership, we work to not only ensure that the credit union is safe and sound, but also that the products and services offered by OCCU bring more value, functionality and flexibility to you.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’d like to say that we believe in OCCU. We know that this organization is far from ordinary. The work the team does each day not only supports the financial needs of the membership and strengthens our communities; it helps to enrich lives. This is what makes it different here and I’m proud to be a part of it.


Jeanine Jensen

Board Chair
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Committed to safety
and soundness.

By BRUCE ABRAHAMSON, Supervisory Committee Chair

The OCCU Supervisory Committee is appointed by the OCCU Board of Directors from among the members of OCCU. The Committee acts as our members’ representative in monitoring the operations of OCCU, making sure it is soundly managed.

The Committee’s role is to ensure that an annual overall financial audit and verification of members’ accounts is performed and that OCCU has adequate internal controls to provide for the safety of member assets. The Committee reviews all audits and reports any significant findings to the Board of Directors.

The annual financial audit and verification of members’ accounts for 2019 were completed by professional services firm Moss Adams with an effective date of Sept. 30, 2019. Their formal opinion letter confirmed that the financial statements fairly represent OCCU’s financial position.

In addition to the verification of members’ accounts and annual financial audit, the Committee also reviews all internal audits. During 2019, these internal audits were performed by the audit firm Doeren Mayhew. OCCU management continues to respond promptly to mitigate any operational issues as they arise.

The continued support and cooperation from the Board of Directors, management and staff is greatly appreciated.

Bruce Abrahamson

Supervisory Committee Chair
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Meet our team

Board of Directors

  • Jeanine Jensen
  • Bill Inge
    Vice Chair
  • Beverly Anderson
  • Jessica C. Bonin
  • John Gogol
  • Tom Larson
  • Genevieve Parker
  • Ron Neumann
    President & CEO, Treasurer

Associate Board Members

  • Nicholas Balthrop
  • Rick Varnum

Supervisory Committee

  • Bruce Abrahamson
  • Jacob Siegel
    Vice Chair
  • Jason Barber
  • Anthony Favreau
  • Lauren Jerome
  • Greg Nelson
  • Jackie Rice

Leadership Team

  • Ron Neumann
    President & CEO
  • Brian Alfano
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Russ Bernardo
    Chief Lending Officer
  • Greg Schumacher
    Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
  • Heather Billings
    VP of Communications
  • Tracey Keffer
    VP of Human Resources
  • Brian Killingsworth
    VP of Technology
  • Gary Lanier
    VP of Retail Operations
  • Ethan Nelson
    VP of Credit Administration
  • Dan Ripplinger
    VP of Business Services
  • Dave Schiffer
    VP of Finance and Analytics
  • Kirsten Simmons
    VP of Organizational Development
  • Chris Whittaker
    VP of Consumer Lending
  • Matthew Wilson
    VP of Risk & Administration
  • Terri Baker
    Director of Member Support
  • Steven Epling
    Director of Credit Services
  • Casey Foltz
    Director of Analytics
  • Sherrie Herndon
    Director of Enterprise Project Management
  • Lindsey Roberts
    Director of Real Estate
  • Lacey Green
    Senior Executive Assistant

Corporate Offices

2880 Chad Drive
Eugene, OR 97408
800.365.1111   |   MyOCCU.org