Bill Pay

OCCU Bill Pay is here!

You now can access an easier, faster and more convenient way to pay bills. Your bill pay account has been upgraded to the new OCCU Bill Pay.

Here's what you can expect when you login the first time:

All of your payees and any scheduled payments will automatically carry over to the new system.

Twelve months of history is readily available in the new system. Click on “View History” at the bottom of the “Payment” page, or “view more” in the History section on the far right of your screen.

You will be prompted to answer a few challenge phrases the first time you log in to your upgraded Bill Pay account.

For more information about adding payees and scheduling payments in the new system, see the demo available below.

Bill Pay Webpage Example

Important changes to OCCU Bill Pay

Checks -- Bill payments that are sent as checks will include your checking account information on them and will clear your account once cashed by the payee as if you wrote it yourself out of your checkbook. See our FAQ for more details.

eBills -- will be available in the new OCCU Bill Pay, however current eBill selections will not transfer to the new OCCU Bill Pay. You’ll need to select which bills you would like to receive as eBills again. See our short demo for assistance.

Quicken -- if you use Quicken Direct Connect, you will need to reconnect using another method. Please view these resources courtesy of Quicken.

Please view a short demo to see the enhanced simplicity and convenience of upgraded Bill Pay.

View Demo

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