Homebuying 101 - After Closing

Your homeowner journey is just beginning

You've completed the homebuyer process, but your homeowner journey is just getting started. Now that your pictures are hung and boxes are put away, you can start planning for mortgage payments, property tax bills and other life goals. Because you're more than a homebuyer and OCCU is more than a mortgage lender, OCCU would like to help you as you work toward new next steps.

Set up mortgage payments

From decorating your home to meeting the neighbors, homeownership can get busy. You’re focusing on your new surroundings, so you shouldn't have to focus on mortgage payments too. To simplify your payments, set up automatic reminders.

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Save for property tax bill

Once you're a homeowner, you'll start paying property taxes on your home. To stay on top of your payments, schedule property tax bill reminders. Remember to give yourself enough time between the reminder and the bill due date to make the payment!

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Start new journeys

Whether you need a car that fits your growing family or an investment portfolio for retirement savings, OCCU can help. See what other services you can take advantage of as an OCCU member, from loans and insurance options to simple online banking.

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Contact an OCCU Loan Officer

If you have any questions or concerns about the loans we offer, please contact one of our Loan Officers today.