3 ways to use your credit card and points to help others

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There are plenty of reasons to use your credit card during the holidays — to build credit, make your purchases more secure, earn more rewards points and more.

Here’s one reason you might not have thought of: to help others.

Our members are often surprised to learn that their OCCU credit card can be a powerful tool for charitable giving—especially now, after we’ve all had a challenging year. If you want to give something back for the holidays, your credit card can help make up the difference. Here’s how:

1. Charge your next donation

By donating to a nonprofit organization during the holidays, you’re lending support when it’s needed most. With many demands on your finances this time of year, finding the extra money to give can be a challenge.

Did you know you can use your credit card to make qualifying charitable contributions? It’s faster and more secure than putting a check in the mail and you can pay it off after the holiday shopping season has ended.

Even better: If you have a Nice PERKS credit card, you’ll earn extra rewards points—2 points for every dollar you spend—on qualifying charitable donations. If you have a Duck Card or Beaver Card, you’ll get extra points each time you use it to donate to the university’s alumni association. You can spend those points to help offset your holiday expenses or use them to give back even more.

2. Convert your points into gift cards for first responders and fire evacuees

During the wildfires, many Oregon families lost their homes or faced other financial setbacks. First responders have been working tirelessly to preserve and protect. You can help bring a little joy into their holidays by converting your rewards points into gift cards and donating them to first responders and wildfire evacuees.

A gift card could help a family buy necessities or holiday gifts for kids. If you’re short on cash but have rewards points to spare, it’s a great way to help your neighbors. You can log in to your credit card rewards portal to get started.

3. Donate your rewards to a charity

Do you have a stock of points waiting for use? If you’re not sure what to use them for, consider converting them into cash or gift cards to donate them to a charitable organization.

With just a few clicks, you can convert your points and support a nonprofit of your choice. Log in to manage your card and select, “View Rewards” under the “Quick Links” menu. From there, you can view rewards options available and get started with supporting causes you care for in your community.

Credit card rewards are nice to have but giving them to people in need can be even more rewarding. There are many ways your OCCU credit card can help others. Consider reaching for your card with community at its core to get started.


Rates and terms effective as of 10/14/2020, when this content was created. Contact OCCU Card Services at 800.365.1111 for current rates and terms.