Caricature drawing of community members and local businesses with four paper airplanes flying in the sky.

When you join the credit union movement, you become a part of something great. When you take off toward your money goals, you’re helping your friends and neighbors reach theirs as well. 

Bank tellers assisting members in an OCCU credit union branch.

We’re branching out and planting roots in new places! Meet our new Junction City branch team and find out what we’re looking forward to as we join the community. 

Smiling woman with grey hair on a river dock holding onto a kayak.

We’ve made a lot of positive impact together in 2021. Here’s a reflection on this past year at OCCU and how our membership and partners helped us build stronger community resilience.

Two women in a coffeeshop talking with a laptop and tablet.

What are your business goals? Credit unions can help you achieve them. From partnership, community investment, business banking options and more — find out how credit unions invest in helping you and your business grow.

When you’re in a hurry or you just need to grab some cash, ATMs are a convenient way to satisfy your banking needs.

Food pantries have taken a hit in recent years, with shrinking donations and growing needs.

Living through this pandemic hasn’t been easy.