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Your Credit Union is looking for volunteers who believe in credit unions!

By Genevieve Parker, OCCU Board Member and Nominating Committee Chair


OCCU is currently looking for members who would like to share their time and talents to shape the future of our Credit Union! We have Board Members, Associate Board Members, and Supervisory Committee Members, whom all serve the Credit Union powerfully by sharing their time and contributing their talents, expertise, ideas, and passion for OCCU and the Credit Union movement. You could be next!

How did I originally get involved? I first became a Credit Union member in Arizona many years ago because I knew Credit Unions had better loan rates. At the time, I really didn’t know or understand what made Credit Unions different nor did I realize that Credit Unions were member-owned, unlike banks. In fact, I wrongly assumed Credit Unions were just like banks, and I thought they could only be used by employees of certain large businesses. Boy did I have a lot to learn about the Credit Union philosophy and structure! I learned later that Credit Unions function as not-for profit entities and return their earnings back to members through lower loan rates, higher savings account rates, and lower fees. I also learned how easy OCCU makes it to become a member.

When I moved to Eugene about 25 years ago, one of the first things I looked for was a good Credit Union, and that’s when I discovered OCCU (then U-Lane-O).  About 15 years ago, a member of the Supervisory Committee was looking for volunteers who were willing to apply for a position on that committee. After a little arm twisting, I consented. 

For that I am truly grateful, as I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Credit Union volunteer. I have met so many wonderful people, both volunteers and staff, whom are devoted to helping people. I have also learned so much about Credit Unions, including how they operate, how they set their goals and plan for the future, and how much OCCU and all Credit Unions give to the communities in which we operate. It has been an extremely rewarding adventure to now be on the Board and worth every minute of the time I have volunteered.

I highly recommend this commitment to anyone who would like to bring their business acumen and enthusiasm to OCCU as a volunteer.


The Board of Directors sets the strategic direction for the credit union; supervises the CEO; and monitors Oregon Community’s financial performance and compliance with regulations. The Supervisory Committee acts as our members’ representative in monitoring operations of the Credit Union; making sure it is soundly managed by ensuring that an overall financial audit and verification of members’ accounts are performed on an annual basis and that the Credit Union has adequate internal controls on operational procedures to provide for the safety of the members’ assets. The Committee reviews all audits, and reports any significant findings to the Board of Directors. All Board and Supervisory Committee members are volunteers.

Interested parties must submit an OCCU Volunteer Application and meet these minimum requirements:

  • Be a member of Oregon Community Credit Union and at least 18 years of age;
  • Satisfy the bonding requirements of the Credit Union;
  • Agree to the terms of the Credit Union’s Code of Ethics Policy;
  • Agree to maintain confidentiality of Credit Union information and protect member privacy;
  • Not be employed by the Credit Union or its subsidiaries; or by another financial institution during the past two years.

For more information please contact Genevieve Parker, OCCU Board Member and Nominating Committee Chair at