A cornerstone in the community

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Finding affordable housing while attending school and raising two children seemed like a near-impossible task for Devyn. When Cornerstone Community Housing had an apartment open up, it was like a prayer had been answered.

Since 2013, Devyn has lived in one of the Cornerstone Community Housing apartments with her two children. She says living in the community complex is like having an extended family. “The community is family-oriented and rewards kids when they do well in school or volunteer around the community. Her kids enjoy helping out in the community garden.

The mission of Cornerstone Community Housing is to building quality, affordable housing for people living on limited incomes and offering services that promote opportunities for personal growth and economic independence. What makes Cornerstone such change agent for community residents is the additional focus on self-improvement. When Nina was looking for a new job, Cornerstone worked with her on her resume and cover letter. She was able to find a job within two weeks of starting her search. 

Each Cornerstone Community also provides many programs and services to enable residents to be healthy, educate themselves and their children and live in a supportive community.  Extra Helping is a program run by residents in collaboration with Food for Lane County to provide free food to community members. Rising Star is another program Cornerstone runs to incentive children for performing good deeds.

These programs not only support individuals, they help develop a healthy community. “Affordable housing is key to building a community that thrives,” says OCCU’s Chief Executive Officer Mandy Jones. “Cornerstone Community not only offers the opportunity to put a roof over a family’s head but also to educate about opportunities to enhance other areas of the community. Education, health and wellness, financial challenges and engaging children is all part of what they do to make an impactful difference for families and individuals who strive for economic independence.”

Jones serves on the board of Cornerstone and OCCU sponsors the annual Home Matters benefit luncheon. The luncheon provides a chance for Cornerstone’s partners in the community to learn more about their programs.

OCCU is proud to partner with Cornerstone because of the values they share to fulfill basic needs, while promoting youth in education and financial literacy. “Cornerstone covers not only basic needs, but also teaches financial literacy to families wanting to gain independence,” says Jamie Opra, OCCU’s Marketing Communication Specialist, “which are the building blocks for making our community a better place.”