Introducing our newest member hub: You and OCCU

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One thing about being an OCCU member and part owner is simple: Let us know how we can serve you better and reap the benefits.

We’re working hard to continue making that possible. First, we opened a faster, easier channel for giving us feedback—our Member Enrichment Program, which has enabled us to use your ideas to guide our decisions. Now we’re sharing that follow up to your feedback with our new member hub: You and OCCU

Our new member hub is the place where we’ll report back to you on what we’re doing. As a member-owner of our cooperative, you play an important role in shaping our vision and future. Bookmark our member hub to keep an eye on what’s new at OCCU and discover how we’re putting your feedback into action.

We’re growing together

Credit union membership is growing, and that means we’re growing too. Your feedback helps steer our growth, ensuring that we’re investing in the branches, neighborhoods and services that are most impactful for our members.

One of the things we’ve learned from you is that even with the convenience of automated banking at your fingertips, our members still want human connection when they interact with us. In-person branch visits remain important to our membership, and your suggestions have helped us identify several new branch locations as well as plan renovations for our Coburg branch. You’ve also inspired us to update our ATMs to deliver a more member-centric experience with a human touch.

The member hub is your online space for staying up to date on the changes at OCCU and finding out how our growth affects you and our community as a whole.

We’re shoring up our communities

As an OCCU member, you’re part of something bigger than a credit union. You’re part of a movement. The credit union movement represents a shift toward a cooperative, not-for-profit way of doing business that enriches communities by investing in them rather than taking it away.

When we’re not fine-tuning our member benefits, we’re often giving back to our community in other ways. We’re volunteering at the local food bank. We’re supporting initiatives that help build community resilience. We’re partnering with local charitable organizations to help those in need. When wildfires devastated our communities, we raised more than $250,000 through our OCCU Foundation Fire Relief Fund for families affected.

Visit our member hub regularly to find out where we’re volunteering, what we’re involved in and how you can lend a hand.

We’re forging a new path

The world is changing rapidly, and the future continues to unfold. We believe our cooperative principles represent the best way forward. Working together, credit unions are making a difference one community at a time.

By choosing to belong to a credit union, you’re already helping us work toward a better future. But now that you’re here, you have the opportunity to do more. Your voice has an impact. Your ideas help steer our course. Your active participation helps us keep growing in the right direction.

Bookmark our You and OCCU member hub today and stay on top of what’s happening as we grow together at OCCU.