A new financial solution for nonprofits

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When you’ve got a mission you’re passionate about, everything else takes a back seat.

We completely get it. You’re trying to fill a big need, and it takes every bit of time, money and energy you can give. At OCCU we believe in the work nonprofit organizations are doing in our communities, and we want to help clear your path so you can stay focused on making an impact.

As Mother Teresa said, “You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.”

While we can’t remove all of your obstacles, we can help eliminate some of the distractions and money leaks that take away resources from your cause. With Mission Driven Checking, a new checking account for nonprofit organizations, local community builders can manage their financials without worrying about monthly service fees or minimum balances.

Success in the nonprofit or mission-driven world is all about maximizing your resources to maximize your impact. Designed to eliminate the fees and limits that typically hold up organizations, Mission Driven Checking can help nonprofits make more efficient use of their resources.

Benefits of Mission Driven Checking

Our Mission Driven Checking account aims to make checking as hands-off as possible. For starters, it’s free. It’s also easy to manage on-the-go with our digital banking app, MyOCCU Online & Mobile. Even more important, it helps nonprofits get the most out of every dollar by eliminating the fees that would otherwise dilute their impact.

Benefits include:

  • No monthly service fees.
  • Unlimited transactions.*
  • No minimum monthly balance.
  • Unlimited cash deposits without a fee.

Mission Driven Checking is designed to keep your mission front and center and align with your nonprofit’s needs. That way you can spend less time managing your account and more time providing services and solutions for our communities.

Do what you do best

Your nonprofit organization has a unique gift to give and a unique role to fill. The more you’re able to focus on that, the more our community’s benefit. A frictionless checking experience helps keep your financials running smoothly so you can redirect more time and attention to tasks that move the needle.

Whatever your mission, you’re playing an important part in helping to build stronger communities—and that’s a part of our vision to enrich lives. We carry it out by supporting in carrying out yours. As Helen Keller often said, “Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.”

Let’s team up and make a difference. You provide the mission. We’ll handle the checking. Learn more about Mission Driven Checking and how this account can support your nonprofit organization.


* Free combined items per month include ACH debits and credits, checks cleared and written on account.