Our newest digital banking feature: Debit Card Management

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Your debit card is your freedom. It’s the key that unlocks your money wherever you go. The more control you have over it, the better.

If your debit card has ever been lost or stolen, you know how stressful it can be to go through the process of securing your checking account, all the while wondering if someone has a hold of your funds.

We’re excited to share some good news: You can now manage your own debit card right from your MyOCCU Online & Mobile account.

With our new Debit Card Management feature, you have more control over your debit card than ever. Not only can you easily block or unblock your card right from your mobile app, but you’ll also receive transaction alerts anytime it’s used to make a purchase or withdrawal. That way, if you lose track of your card, you can act quickly to prevent fraud while effortlessly monitoring your account to ensure your funds remain untouched.

No phone calls, no fuss. Just a quick tap, and your account is secured. Then, once you’ve found or recovered your card, with another tap you can start using it again immediately.

Here’s what you need to know to get started with Debit Card Management:

How do I manage my debit cards?

To set up your debit card:

  • Select “Set up” on the card you wish to manage.
  • Register your card and choose a transaction alert delivery method: Push, Mobile or Email.
  • Select “Register.”

Please note: your selected card alert method will apply to all of your registered debit cards.

To block or unblock your debit card:

  • Select the debit card you wish to manage.
  • Choose “Block” or “Unblock Card.”
  • Confirm selection.

What alerts will I get?

You’ll receive alerts when your debit card is used for purchases, ATM withdrawals or deposits, and more.

Can I activate my new debit card through MyOCCU Online & Mobile?

At this time, you cannot activate a debit card using a MyOCCU Online & Mobile account. Please follow the activation instructions that came with your card.

With greater control over your debit card, you can take instant, direct action to protect your account, no matter where you are. That means you can enjoy peace of mind anytime you’re on the road, shopping, or out and about.

Your debit card may be the key to your money, but Debit Card Management gives you control over the lock.

Debit Card Management is another way we’re investing in enhancing digital banking and security for our members. Visit here to enroll in MyOCCU Online & Mobile today.