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Guided Wealth Portfolio offered by OCCU Investment Services

When people and technology combine forces, they can achieve amazing things.

Take retirement planning, for example. Two in three Americans say they find investing complex and confusing—and it does take some planning to figure out the right investment strategy for your goals.

That’s where having the benefit of both technology and human expertise comes in handy. Today’s sophisticated algorithms can cut through the complexity to make investing simple, while a financial advisor can provide personalized guidance to help you work toward your goals.

With our Guided Wealth Portfolios (GWP) investment tool, you get the best of both worlds. It’s an advisor-enhanced digital investment platform designed to help you invest for retirement, combining the convenience of investing online with access to a financial advisor to help you build your financial future.

“The new tools offered by technology have woven into the fabric of our modern lives, and they now offer support and insight for our money management as well,” says one financial advisor. “With so many online tools and information resources at your fingertips, I find that combining technology with trusted sources of good advice, such as a financial advisor, can really empower you to make financial decisions that send you off on the right direction.”

When you invest through GWP, you’ll receive a customized investment plan tailored to your goals. Intuitive technology and research-backed algorithms will regularly monitor and manage your assets, while members of our Investment Services team will oversee your account, answer questions, and offer advice tailored to your needs. You’ll get retirement planning help that’s:

Accessible. Think you can’t afford to invest? Think again. With GWP, you'll have the opportunity to build a relationship with an advisor at a lower account minimum than is traditionally available.

Simple to use. GWP is a simple way to start investing. Setting up an account is easy, and you can track your progress online 24/7. With automatic rebalancing and tax-efficient asset placement, we’ll optimize your investments with minimal effort on your part.

Transparent. Your personal portal lets you transfer your existing assets, open accounts, view your portfolio, and make updates. It also provides customized, sample recommendations that show you where you are today and what you could potentially achieve with GWP, as well as insight into how to apply our Nine Best Practices of Investing.

Planning for retirement doesn’t have to be complicated. With our cutting-edge algorithm and expertise on your side, you can enjoy the convenience of digital investing while still building a relationship with an advisor you trust. Learn more about Guided Wealth Portfolios today.


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