Secure and simple - 4 reasons we love Apple Pay

OCCU Debit card making apple pay purchase
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Apple Pay is here at OCCU! Shopping is better when you combine your OCCU credit and debit cards with the convenience of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay keeps you even more secure
Much like your chip card, Apple Pay creates a one-time transaction code anytime you make a purchase. Your actual credit or debit card number isn’t shared with merchants or transmitted with your payment. In addition, paying with Apple Pay is private as the cashier never sees your name, card number or security code!

Apple Pay isn’t just for phones
Not only can you use Apple Pay on your iPhone® 6 but you’re also able to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch® and within apps on iPad.® Check to see if you’re Apple device is compatible.

Apple Pay makes shopping simpler
With Apple Pay, you can store all your cards in one place – creating an easy-to-use digital wallet. Imagine with a tap of your phone, your purchase is complete. No fumbling with your wallet and stack of cards. Wondering where you can use Apple Pay? You can find which of your favorite retailers support Apple Pay by browsing the Maps app.

Use Apple Pay for in-app purchases

In addition to using Apple Pay in stores, you can use it to pay within apps. Using an iPhone® 6 or iPad®, you can check out with just one touch. No more entering all your billing and shipping info. You simply select Apple Pay, in participating apps, and place your finger on the Touch ID.

Learn how you can start taking advantage of Apple Pay.