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Moving comes with a long to-do list. Setting up utilities, getting to know the neighborhood and unpacking, are all part of the moving process. Updating your address with OCCU is a very important part of that moving process.

It’s not uncommon to think that filling out a change of address form at the post office will update your address with whoever is sending you mail. Unfortunately, it isn’t that straight forward. It is best for you to update your contact information with businesses that you expect to receive mail from. Further, it is a necessary step to update your address with your financial intuition, such as OCCU.

Without your current physical and mailing addresses, OCCU cannot send you new credit or debit cards, tax documents, statements or dormant account notifications. Likewise, if your email address or phone number is out of date, we won’t be able to send you eStatements or call you.

Did you know that change of address forms from the post office put you at major risk for address fraud? These forms can be mailed in with just a signature, which is not verified with your known signature record. Although the cards include a move verification letter, it takes several days or weeks for these to travel back and forth through the mail. In the meantime, your personal information, including bank and credit card statements, could be forwarded to a false address where a thief can glean much of the personal information needed to steal your identity.                      

Updating your address directly with your contacts is ideal. However, if you decide to still submit a change of address with the post office, protect yourself by using the USPS online change of address form. While the online form requires a minimal bank account withdrawal, the withdrawal allows the US Post Office verify your identity.   

For an extra level of protection, you can opt-in to online statements for your accounts. To change your OCCU account preferences, sign in to your account, then follow the eStatements link under “Quick Links.”

As with your address, it’s important to keep your email up to date with OCCU, especially if you’ve elected to receive your statements electronically. If you’ve dropped your landline or changed your cell phone number recently, remember to make sure OCCU has your current phone number in case there is an emergency with your account.

To update any of your contact information with OCCU, sign in to Internet Banking and select “Member Services” from the bar at the top. You can also update your information by visiting a branch or giving us a call at 800-365-1111.