Two new features are available on our MyOCCU Mobile App

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We’re always working to improve our mobile banking services and are happy to announce that two features that were only available on the full Internet Banking site are now available in the MyOCCU mobile app.

Enroll in Internet Banking

To enroll using the MyOCCU Mobile App, you’ll need the following information handy:

  • Your member number
  • The last four digits of your Social Security number
  • Your date of birth
  • One of the following pieces of information:
    • Your primary phone number
    • Your email address
    • Your account password you selected when opening your first account

    Get started by downloading the iOS or Android app and tap “Register”, then fill in the information from above, and hit submit.

    MyOCCU Login screen

    Set new or manage account alerts from your mobile device

    To manage existing account alerts, sign into your MyOCCU Mobile App, tap “Member Services”, next tap “Manage Alerts”, then tap the alert you wish to make changes to. Make the changes, and hit update.

    Get started by creating a new alert with this step-by-step walk-through.

    Sign into your MyOCCU Mobile App and tap “Member Services”.

    MyOCCU Mobile App Main Menu

    Tap on “Manage Alerts”.

    MyOCCU Mobile App Member Services screen

    Read the agreement.

    MyOCCU Mobile App manage alerts agreement

    Select the alert type from the dropdown, then tap “Create Alert”.
    You can create the following kinds of account alerts:

    • Reminder Alert
    • Balance Alert
    • Check Cleared Alert
    • Daily Balance Alert
    • Loan Due Alert
    • Transition Alert
    • Secure Message Alert

    MyOCCU Mobile App manage alerts

    Select your desired account from the dropdown, confirm alert preferences (which vary by type), and select the email address to receive the alert. When you’ve finalized your preferences, tap “Submit” to create your new alert.

    MyOCCU Mobile App manage alerts options