Digital Card Experience

A new way to manage your OCCU credit card

We’re working hard to make sure your OCCU credit card is easy to use and to manage. With feedback you provided through our Member Enrichment Program, we’re actively improving your digital experience. This next phase of updates will merge card management into MyOCCU Online & Mobile. When you activate your new contactless credit card, you’ll be able to access your OCCU card, checking and savings accounts all in one place.

The new cardholder experience rolls out in June. But there are some things that will happen in the weeks leading up to it that you should know.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your new card will arrive in early June. Keep it someplace safe until it’s time to activate it.
  • We’ll send you notifications — via email and mail — to let you know the activation date and other important details about your OCCU credit card.
  • Pay close attention to those notifications. Your current card will stop working on the activation date.
  • Your new card will have a new card number, so take stock of any bills that are paid with your current OCCU credit card through automatic payments. When the transition is complete, you’ll need to update your credit card information.
  • Once  your card has been added to MyOCCU Online & Mobile you can set up your monthly automatic payment for your card. Not using MyOCCU Online & Mobile to manage your card? You can connect with our team by calling 800.365.1111 after you activate your new card to get started.
  • When it’s time to activate your new card, call the phone number on the slip that was included with it. You’ll confirm some personal information to complete the process.
  • If you’re not using MyOCCU Online & Mobile already, now’s a great time to enroll.


Here’s what you have to look forward to:  

  • You’ll finally be able to use MyOCCU Online & Mobile as a one-stop shop for managing all your OCCU accounts, loans and more!
  • Feel safe and secure when you use your contactless card at participating merchants.
  • Enjoy the same great card, with all the same benefits, but with a brand-new look.

New to managing your credit card digitally?

To prepare for the update, if you don’t already have a MyOCCU Online & Mobile account, you can register your account here. This will allow you to not only manage your credit cards when the update happens, but also your other OCCU accounts — savings, checking, loans — right now.

Until the update, you can manage your OCCU credit card using our card manager service.

Are you a current business cardholder?

To help prepare for the upcoming changes we recommend that business cardholders create a MyOCCU Online & Mobile account if they don’t already have one. Need help setting up your account? You can review this guide to help with account registration or connect with our Business Services team to help get your account registered.  

Our team is here to help you transition to your new OCCU business credit card. You’ll be getting letters and emails from us explaining what to expect and how we can help you through this transition. If you have questions, you can email to help you get ready to use your new contactless card!  

Have questions or need help?

Our team is here to help. Connect with us and we’ll help get you ready for the upcoming changes to your OCCU credit card.