MyOCCU Mobile Banking Features

MyOCCU Mobile Banking Features

About MyOCCU Mobile

MyOCCU Mobile is an extension of Internet Banking, so you can bank on the go with your smartphone or tablet. MyOCCU Mobile features convenient tools and makes finding Oregon Community branch locations and surcharge-free ATMs easy, no matter where you are. To use MyOCCU Mobile, just sign in with your registered Internet Banking user ID and password. If you aren’t already using Internet Banking, enroll today. (Note: Please add and verify your email address through the User Profile tab, under Member Services, so we can reach you.)

The MyOCCU Mobile app is available for iOS® and Android® devices. To get started, visit your App Store or Play Store and search for MyOCCU. You can also sign in using our Mobile Website (WAP).


Using MyOCCU Mobile without Internet Banking

You must have an OCCU Internet Banking user ID and password to use MyOCCU Mobile. However, enrolling in Internet Banking is simple.


Fees for using MyOCCU Mobile

OCCU does not charge any fees to use MyOCCU Mobile. However, your wireless service provider may charge additional fees for Internet access and/or for data used. Reach out to your wireless service provider to learn more.


Services available through MyOCCU Mobile

MyOCCU Mobile allows OCCU members to quickly and easily check balances, pay bills, transfer funds and deposit checks on-the-go. This app also features:

  • Convenient anywhere, anytime access
  • Password protection for your security
  • Quick OCCU account transfers from your smartphone
  • MyOCCU Bill Pay
  • Fast Balances to see your account balances at a glance
  • Money Manager budgeting tools
  • MyOCCU Deposit
  • OCCU branch and ATM locator
  • Surcharge-free ATM locator
  • Shared Branching CU locator
  • MyOCCU Text Banking

Keep in mind that all terms and conditions applicable to Internet Banking also apply to MyOCCU Mobile.


Sending messages to OCCU through MyOCCU Mobile

You can send a secure message to us through either MyOCCU Mobile or Internet Banking. You can also set up alerts so you get a notice via email anytime you receive a message from OCCU.


Viewing accounts through MyOCCU Mobile

You will be able to view the same accounts in MyOCCU Mobile that you can in Internet Banking.


Viewing joint accounts

If you can see that you’re joint owner on an account on Internet Banking, you will also be able to see this information on MyOCCU Mobile.


Transferring funds between financial institutions

You can securely transfer funds to accounts you have at other institutions just like you can on Internet Banking. Before you can transfer funds, you’ll need to link the accounts through Internet Banking by clicking “Manage External Accounts.”


Transferring funds to other OCCU members

Securely transferring funds to other OCCU members is easy. First, you’ll need to sign in to Internet Banking, then click on “Transfers” and “Transfer to a Different Member” to enter the account you wish to transfer to. Once you’ve got it set up, you can transfer funds to that member right from your phone or tablet.


Using Fast Balances

Fast Balances is a unique feature that allows a user to see the balances of their accounts without signing in to the app. Please note that only one membership number may be registered for Fast Balances on a device. In order to use Fast Balances, you must opt-in for the feature through the User Profile menu of the app. Simply select "Manage Fast Balances" within "Member Services" to get started.


MyOCCU Mobile safety

  • Of course, MyOCCU Mobile features the same high level of security as Internet Banking.
  • MyOCCU Mobile is password protected. To use MyOCCU Mobile, you’ll use the same user ID and password as your Internet Banking account
  • Passwords are never stored.
  • All communication between MyOCCU Mobile and your device are encrypted for your security.

Even though MyOCCU Mobile is safe, it’s important to always follow reasonable security precautions. Like any computer, your smartphone or tablet may be susceptible to viruses, malicious sites and applications. To stay safe, please use the same caution when opening emails, clicking links and surfing the web with your smartphone or tablet as you would with your computer.


Lost smartphone or tablet

If you lose your smartphone or tablet, sign in to Internet Banking from your computer and change your Internet Banking password immediately. You should also report the loss to your wireless service provider and ask them to disable the old device.

As always, be sure to monitor your account and monthly statements closely to ensure no unauthorized access has occurred.


Recycling or disposing of a device with MyOCCU Mobile

The safest way to recycle or dispose of your smartphone or tablet is to delete all stored information by wiping it clean beforehand. You should also check with your device manufacturer or wireless service provider for procedures specific to your device.


Using multiple mobile devices to access MyOCCU Mobile

Any iOS® or Android® device you own can be registered for MyOCCU Mobile. So you can install the app on your smartphone, your tablet and more.


"Invalid Login" messages

If you’re getting an “Invalid Login” message on your sign-in screen, your account has probably been locked because you have exceeded the allowed number of login attempts. Give us a call at 800.365.1111 during our regular business hours, and we’ll help you sign in to your account.



MyOCCU Deposit

About MyOCCU Deposit

With MyOCCU Deposit, you can securely deposit checks into your OCCU accounts directly from our MyOCCU Mobile app. To do so, simply photograph them with the camera on your smartphone or tablet. Then, everything needed to make the deposit is delivered to OCCU electronically.

After you make your deposit, photos of the check will be accessible through the app for your reference.


Eligibility for MyOCCU Deposit

All OCCU members are eligible to use MyOCCU Deposit.

  1. Install and open the MyOCCU Mobile app
  2. Select “Deposit a Check” from the Main Menu
  3. Select the account you wish to deposit funds to and enter the amount of the check
  4. Click to take a picture of both the front and back of the check
  5. Click “Make Deposit” to send images
  6. Make a notation on the check with the date and time the check was deposited using MyOCCU Mobile. (Example: “Deposited via Mobile MM/DD/YY”)
  7. Store the check in a secure location for a minimum of 60 days


Fees associated with MyOCCU Deposit

There are no fees for using MyOCCU Deposit.


Financial information safety with MyOCCU Deposit

MyOCCU Deposit does not store images on your device and any images sent to OCCU are encrypted for your security.


Deposited funds availability

If the check amount is under $1,000, the funds will be available immediately. However, if the check amount exceeds $1,000, the first $1,000 will be available immediately and any remaining funds will be available within two business days. Keep in mind that if your membership with OCCU has been open for less than 30 days, the entire check amount will be held for seven business days.


Types of checks that can be deposited

Most checks can be deposited through MyOCCU Deposit. MyOCCU Deposit accepts most checks drawn on a U.S. financial institution in U.S. currency. This includes:

  • Personal checks
  • Corporate/Business checks
  • Cashier's checks
  • Government checks
  • Money orders and travelers checks


Types of checks that CANNOT be deposited

The following items are not eligible for deposit through MyOCCU:

  • Checks payable to any person or entity other than you
  • Post-dated checks
  • Checks containing an obvious alteration to any of the fields on the front, or checks you or suspect to be fraudulent
  • Checks written from any OCCU account of which you are a primary or joint owner
  • Checks not payable in U.S. currency
  • Checks drawn on financial institutions located outside the United States and Puerto Rico
  • Checks intended to make consumer loan, credit card and mortgage payments
  • IRA and Share Certificate of Deposits
  • Starter or counter checks
  • American Express Gift Cheques
  • Savings bonds
  • Checks that require authorization (e.g., COMCHEKS, Rapid Drafts)


How long system retains my MyOCCU deposit history

MyOCCU Mobile keeps a history of check images deposited through the app for 90 days. You can also view images from checks deposited through MyOCCU Mobile on your Internet Banking account.


Length of time to retain original checks

For your protection, we suggest retaining the original check for at least 60 days after receiving confirmation that it has posted to your account. To keep track of deposited checks, write the date you deposited it through MyOCCU Mobile on the check itself (e.g., "Deposited via mobile on MM/DD/YY"). When you are ready to discard it, mark it "VOID" and safely destroy the check. If for any reason you have an issue, and the original check is no longer available, please ask the issuer of the check for new copy that can be resubmitted for deposit.


Help using MyOCCU Deposit

MyOCCU Deposit is designed to be as easy to use as possible, but if you have questions, please give us a call at 800.365.1111. We’re standing by and ready to help with any problems you might encounter.


If a deposit is declined

If your deposited item is declined, a letter will be sent to the address on record to let you know the reason for the decline. Reasons that deposit items may be declined include:

  • Ineligible check
  • Non-negotiable check
  • Missing signature
  • Missing endorsement
  • Stale-dated or expired
  • Postdated
  • Duplicate check
  • Poor image quality
  • Daily deposit item count exceeded
  • Daily deposit dollar amount exceeded
  • Unacceptable item

If you would like more details, feel free to call us at 800.365.1111.



MyOCCU Bill Pay

Paying bills through MyOCCU Mobile

With MyOCCU Mobile you can pay bills right from your mobile device. You can also schedule payments, view processed payments as well as view, add, modify or delete bill payees. You can see all Bill Pay transactions and payees on both MyOCCU Mobile and Internet Banking.




Enrolling for MyOCCU Text

To use MyOCCU Text, you’ll need to be enrolled in Internet Banking. To enroll, just sign in to Internet Banking, open our Mobile Website (WAP) through the Internet browser on your device, or launch the MyOCCU Mobile app. Click on “Member Services” > “User Profile” and then “Text Banking.” Enter your mobile phone number, accept the terms and conditions and click “Add.”

We’ll then text you an activation code for MyOCCU Mobile or Internet Banking to complete your registration. Once you’ve completed the enrollment, we’ll send you a welcome message to let you know you have successfully registered your device.

And the great news is, MyOCCU Text isn’t just for iOS® and Android® phones, it can be used with most devices capable of sending and receiving text messages.


Fees to use MyOCCU Text

MyOCCU Text is free for OCCU members, but your wireless service provider may charge you for sending and receiving text messages. Check with your provider to find out if you’ll be charged.


Using MyOCCU Text without Internet Banking

You must be enrolled in Internet Banking to use MyOCCU Text. However, enrolling in Internet Banking is simple.


Texting account inquiries

Text 541.237.6009 for account inquiries. To make MyOCCU Text even easier, we suggest adding this number to your contacts.


Available commands

  • B or BAL = receive the balance of your primary savings account
  • BALALL = receive the balances of all accounts
  • H or HIST= receive the five most recent transactions for a specific account
  • M or More = receive five more recent transactions for a specific account
  • N or NICK = receive account names associated with your accounts
  • MENU = to see a list of available commands
  • HELP = to see a list of available commands
  • STOP = unsubscribe from the MyOCCU Text service


Account abbreviations

When enrolling in MyOCCU Text, you can nickname accounts with up to four characters.


Case-sensitivity of commands

Simply use upper or lower case letters (i.e., “B” or “b”) to request your account balances.


Registering more than one mobile phone for MyOCCU Text

You can register up to five mobile devices for MyOCCU Text.


Receiving results in multiple messages

Text messages are limited to 160 characters. If we need to send you a response that’s longer than 160 characters, we’ll send you multiple texts.


Time for multiple messages to arrive

Depending on your wireless service provider, it may take some time for messages to arrive. In some instances, you may receive text two of two before text one of two. Note that this has to do with your wireless service provider and not MyOCCU Text. If you only receive one message, the rest are on the way and will arrive shortly.


Unsubscribing from MyOCCU Text

To unsubscribe from MyOCCU Text simply text STOP to 541.237.6009. You can always re-enroll in the future.


Losing a mobile phone and canceling MyOCCU Text

If you lose your device, you can still unsubscribe at any time from your computer. Simply sign in to Internet Banking and navigate to the MyOCCU Text page.