Create savings goals


Make setting aside money easier with the Savings Goals tool in MyOCCU Online & Mobile. Simply decide what to save for and how much you need. Then, use the Savings Goals tool to put money away and track your progress. It’s easier than ever to save money toward your goals. To get started, select the piggy bank icon from a desktop device and add your first savings goal. 

Goals list 

The list is sorted by savings accounts and shows a few items that help you track your progress:

  • Available balance in the relevant savings account.
  • Total amount of all your savings goals.
  • The clock icon shows how many goals are in progress.
  • The check icon shows how many goals have been met.



Create a goal

You’ll need to set up new goals on a desktop device. Once set up, you can view your goals and track your progress from MyOCCU Mobile. 

Add goal

Use the New Goal button to create a goal. Enter the name of what you're saving for, e.g. "New car" or "Disneyland vacation."

Choose account

Choose from your list of savings accounts which one you want to use to save for this goal.


Select a category from the Category drop-down. If you don't see anything that fits, just select Other.

Add details

Enter the amount you would like to save. 


Add an image. When you choose a category, an icon image will be automatically added, but you can change it later. Sometimes a photo can be motivating! Make sure your image file is a GIF, JPG or PNG that's less than 5MB. Square shapes work best.

Select date

Select a Target Date. You don't have to do this, but if you do, we can help you determine how much you need to save every month to reach your goal. That number will be shown at the bottom next to Average Needed Monthly.


When you've finished creating the goal, it will appear in the list. Congratulations, you've set a goal! Now you can start saving.


Choose your savings style

Depending on your goal, you might want to save equally across all goals. Or, you might want to save for one first. If you have an emergency fund or an upcoming vacation goal you might prioritize those first, then work toward the next ones, like saving for college or for a large purchase.


Once your goal is added, select Settings. A box will pop out with options.


Choose either ranking, which will fully fund the first goal in the list before moving to the next, or divided, which will evenly distribute deposits among all the goals in your account. Note: You can also adjust this setting from MyOCCU Mobile once the goal is set up.


While this box is open, arrows will appear on each savings goal in the account. Use the arrows to drag the goals up and down to change their order. Note: The order has no effect if you've selected “Divided” — all goals for the account will be funded equally regardless of their order.


Select Save to make changes, or Cancel if you decide not to commit them.

Save automatically with deposits and transfers

Unlock the true power of Savings Goals by simply setting up your goal and letting the automatic funding do its magic. Simply set up automatic transfers to get a head start on funding your dreams.


Manually put money toward your goals

Select account

Use the Add Funds button to transfer money into the relevant account and allocate it to that savings goal.


Enter an Amount to transfer and select an account to transfer it from. That's it!