Manage your business finances with MyOCCU Online & Mobile


Digital banking for your business has never been easier. With MyOCCU Online & Mobile, you can manage your business accounts as well as set up and manage any entitled users for your business. As a business owner, you can create roles and assign your employees as users for your account without granting them full access through a feature called Business Admin. Please contact your Business Services rep to have Business Admin enabled within your online banking account.

Creating a role

From the Business Admin widget, you can create roles for new users, create users and manage existing users. Navigate to the Roles tab under the Business Admin widget to begin.

Add a role

Choose the Add a role button, enter a role name and a description. Use the Create role button to continue. 

Assign permissions


  1. Choose the pencil icon in the permissions section to display checkboxes.
    (Tip: To view additional descriptions, toggle the boxes between the word permissions and the pencil icon.)
  2. Check the boxes for the permissions you would like the user to have.
  3. Use the Save Changes button to continue.
Select accounts


  1. Choose the Add Accounts button.
  2. Check the boxes for the account permissions the user should be allowed to initiate.
  3. Use the Choose Accounts button to continue.
  4. Select the accounts to assign to the role. Accounts are separated into tabs by internal and external accounts.
  5. When accounts have been selected, the Assign X Accounts button will reflect the number of selected accounts. Choose this button to continue.
Select limits


  1. Choose the Edit Limits button to configure limits for selected accounts.
  2. Check the box next to the method you would like to limit and complete additional fields.
  3. Use the Save Changes button to complete the role permissions.


Create a user

Next, navigate to the Users tab under the Business Admin widget.

Add a user

Choose the Add a user button and complete all required fields: username, first name, last name, email and select a role. 


Use the Create user button to save your settings. 


Manage existing users

From the Users tab, choose the user you would like to manage. As a business admin, you are responsible for troubleshooting any issues your entitled users may have. Below you will learn how to edit the following areas for each user. For additional assistance the business admin must contact OCCU; the entitled user should not.


Edit contact info, name or role

Use the pencil icon next to the appropriate section. Please note to modify a user’s permissions within a role, you must go through the Roles tab. 

Reset a user’s password


  1. Use the pencil icon next to password.
  2. Choose the method for sending a new password.
  3. Provide a reason for resetting the password.
  4. Use the Submit button to continue.


Delete a user


  1. Use the Delete User button at the bottom of the page.