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How do you get from point A (where you are now), to point B (where you’d like to be next year) with your money? It’s simple: create a money plan. Find out the three easy steps to create a money plan and how valuable of a tool it is to help you stick to your goals.

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Starting the new year with some extra money? It’s time to choose your own savings adventure. Discover money savings tips to help put your annual bonus, tax refunds, credit card points, employer raises and more to work for you.

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One decision you’ll never regret is the decision to fund your future. What do you picture as the retirement you dream about? Discover how opening an individual retirement account (IRA) could be one the best money decisions you’ll ever make.

We all want to live in a way that reflects who we are and what we value.

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By refinancing your car loan with OCCU, you may be able to save money or even shorten your loan term. Tempted? Check out the things you should consider.

The pandemic brought a lot of unexpected challenges. We’ve all had to be flexible — and so have our budgets.

We’ve all been through some big changes over the past year.

It sounds a bit dry. Daunting, even. Like something that involves a lot of number crunching and specialized knowledge.