A person making a purchase at check out with an OCCU NICE Visa contactless credit card.

With a contactless credit card, using and managing your card is easier and safer than ever. Find out more about what a contactless credit card is and the benefits that come with using one.

Man with glasses and laptop at a table leaning back and happy.

Is debt feeling heavy and difficult to get rid of? Don’t panic – we’re here to support you with creating a plan. Here’s how you can identify your priorities and create a plan to start paying off your debt.

NICE Card being used a coffee shop

Your credit score is an important part of your overall financial picture.

Man celebrating his success at a computer

Studies have found that folks who use the snowball approach are more likely to pay off their entire debt load than those who use other methods

Living through this pandemic hasn’t been easy.

 Two kids in the back seat of a car with window rolled down.

 A lot can change in five to eight years. Making money moves can keep you rolling along your financial journey. Here are three reasons to find out if it’s time to refinance your auto loan.

You’ve been cooped up in the house long enough.

How we live our lives to how we manage our money adjusts year to year.