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Smishing – a term that combines “phishing” with short message service (or SMS text messages) – is one of the latest forms of identity theft. Learn about what smishing is, how they work, and ways to verify messages to stay safe against smishing scams. 

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There’s a rise in spoofed websites and we’re here to help keep you and your financial information safe. Find out how you can avoid these tricky scams and the steps to take if you think your security is at risk.

Anyone with an email account has probably been the target of a

Shred Fest 2020

Important note: In the interest of continuing to practice safe social distancing measures, Shred Fest 2020 and

Scammers always find opportunity in a crisis, and the COVID-19 outbreak is no exception.

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Free, secure disposal of sensitive documents

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Secure financial information is essential to doing business, and OCCU makes privacy and security a top priority.