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New to budgeting? No worries. There’s a simple rule of thumb you can use to guide your spending without a lot of effort.

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It’s that time of the year again. Ornaments are covering store shelves, and people everywhere are starting to ask the question.

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When you build credit, you’re building a financial reputation that will follow you everywhere you go. Let's talk about a few things great credit can help you do.

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Get the details on building credit, budgeting, financial aid options and how maximizing your student discount can help you keep your finances on point.    

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Take 5 to learn how credit cards work and how to build credit like a pro.

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Having renters insurance means you’ll be protected in case your roommate likes candles a little too much or your roof springs a leak.

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Try finding a lifestyle that fits your budget. Always look forward to helping make your future self comfortable. 

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Memes and gifs are great for laughs, but they won’t help you build up your stacks. OCCU is that friend who syncs you up with the latest news and tips to help you win at money.