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Are your savings stashed in a coffee can? Give your money a raise by putting it into a high-yield savings account. Yes, earning more money is that simple! Let’s get your money moving at max efficiency.

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Want to power up your savings? Together, a high yield checking and savings account can help your money reach its full potential. Discover how OCCU’s dynamic duo — Remarkable Checking and Ignite Savings — can allow you to sit back and watch your money grow. 

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When it comes to paying for college, options abound. With a little planning and preparation, you can head off to school ready to focus more on your studies and worry less about your tuition bill. We’ve got some ideas to help.

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Saving isn’t just for the big stuff. Have money goals you want to achieve in three to five years? We’ve outlined the ways to help get you there. Here’s how you can start small and make a big impact on your financial picture.

Ready to save time, money and feel secure? We have three words: automate your banking. Learn all about automatic deposits and how you can get started with setting up your finances to run smoothly on their own.

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How do you get from point A (where you are now), to point B (where you’d like to be next year) with your money? It’s simple: create a money plan. Find out the three easy steps to create a money plan and how valuable of a tool it is to help you stick to your goals.

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Your credit score is an important part of your overall financial picture.

The pandemic brought a lot of unexpected challenges. We’ve all had to be flexible — and so have our budgets.