Ignite Savings

Brighten your future with an Ignite Savings® account

Grow your savings fast with this high-yield account that’s great for all kinds of savers. Build an emergency fund or get started on the path of saving more money. 

  • No minimum balance or deposit necessary.

  • Earn 5.25% annual percentage yield (APY)1 on the first $500 in the account.

  • Continue to earn competitive rates as your balance grows.

  • Only one account per primary membership.

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How much could you earn with Ignite Savings?

Ignite Savings rates

Tiers Interest rate APY range
$0.00 - $500 5.13% 5.25%
$500.01 - $2,500 2.96% 5.25% - 3.45%
$2,500.01 - $5,000 1.00% 3.45% - 2.23%
$5,000.01 - $25,000 0.50% 2.23% - 0.85%
$25,000.01 or more 0.15% 0.85% - 0.15%

Ignite Savings calculator

First-year earnings
Amount APY

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect the actual results of any specific deposit amount.

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Secure your membership with an OCCU Primary Savings account

This account comes with every new membership to the credit union. You’ll only need to keep $5 in it to be an OCCU member.


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1Ignite Savings account annual percentage yield (APY) and rate may change. Fees could reduce earnings. 5.25% APY on balances up to $500, 5.25%-3.45% APY on balances $500.01-$2,500, 3.45%-2.23% APY on balances $2,500.01-$5,000, 2.23%-0.85% APY on balances $5,000.01-$25,000, and 0.85%-0.15% APY on balances of more than $25,000.01. First-year earnings are based on a 12-month average.

View all rates and fees associated with savings accounts