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Learn the three strategies that will help springboard you into a debt-free future.

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These simple steps can help you recover from this year’s shopping spree and start planning for a debt-free 2017.

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Here are 4 good reasons to use it. 

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Practice good credit card habits for the holiday season

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With a new year waiting just over the horizon, it’s not too soon to start thinking about your goals for 2017.

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How to establish your credit without a credit history

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One of a parent’s proudest and most exciting milestones occurs when a child receives that cherished acceptance letter to college. But it also can be a stressful occasion, particularly if you learn that available scholarships and financial aid won’t completely cover tuition, fees and other expenses.

Graph of what's in your FICO score

We all have a FICO score, or at least anyone who has ever used credit does. Although you may be familiar with the concept of a credit score, do you really know what goes into coming up with a FICO score?