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Learn a few basic computer security measures can help ensure you stay in control of your files.

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Recovering from identity theft takes time, but with preparation, determination and grit you can eventually clear your name and repair the damage to your credit

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Feeling safe is a basic need every human has. Whether it is your data or your home, you want to feel secure.

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Every Who in Whoville likes free shipping a lot—until the Grinch intercepts the packages they bought.

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It’s not uncommon to think that filling out a change of address form at the post office will update your address with whoever is sending you mail. Unfortunately, it isn’t that straight forward.

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How to avoid new phishing scams on Facebook

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How Does Your Home Look to a Thief?

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ATMs are a quick and convenient way to withdraw money from your account. Unfortunately, the popularity of ATMs may also attract thieves, so it’s important to observe a few key safety tips when using an ATM.