Transfer funds with MyOCCU Online & Mobile


In the Transfers tab on MyOCCU Online & Mobile you can transfer funds between your accounts, to other OCCU members and to external accounts. From here, you’ll be able to easily monitor your transfer activity and history. On MyOCCU Mobile, transferring funds is simple and quick. See the guides below for enhanced transfer options on MyOCCU Online. 

Move money fast with Quick transfers

When transferring money from one account to another, you may not need a lot of detailed options and scheduling tools. The Quick Transfer feature within MyOCCU Online will allow you to quickly transfer funds with little effort. When you visit the Transfers widget, you’ll first land on the Quick Transfer tab. Learn more below.

Choose account

Choose an account to move money from on the left.

Choose amount

Choose an amount from the presets or enter a specific amount in the Custom Amount field.

Choose destination

Choose a destination account to move the money into. 


As you select options, they will appear across the bottom of the screen. Once you have chosen a selection for each of the three options, the Submit Transfer button will become available. Use the button to proceed.


A Confirm Transfer pop-up will appear and give you a chance to verify the transfer. If everything looks good, use the Confirm Transfer button to initiate the transfer. You’ll see a Success confirmation pop-up and if you’re transferring within OCCU accounts, the money will be moved instantly.



Schedule, repeat and more with Classic transfers

To perform a transfer with more options than Quick Transfer provides, use the Classic tab.


Choose accounts

Choose the account to transfer from using From Account. Choose the account to transfer into using To Account. 

Enter details

Enter an Amount. Select the Date to perform the transfer. By default, today’s date is selected, but you can choose a date in the future to schedule the transfer.

Select frequency

Choose the Frequency from the drop-down. There are several options to give you as much flexibility as possible. If you select a repeating frequency, you can then choose when to end the repeats:

  • Never: Transfers will continue repeating until you manually intervene.
  • On a specific date.
  • After a certain number of occurrences.
Add memo

Optionally, add a memo to remember what the purpose of the transfer is.


Transfer funds to another OCCU member

You can transfer money to another OCCU member without configuring an external account. Select Add an account under the To Account field and select Transfer to another OCCU member. You’ll need the member’s first and last name and their account number (not their member number).


Transfer funds to or from an account at another financial institution

You can also transfer money to and from another account or financial institution. Now there are two ways to add an external account to your MyOCCU banking profile. Adding an account instantly makes your external account available for transfers immediately. All you will need is your external account online login credentials to get started! Or you can use the traditional option of setting up an account manually.


Select Add an account under the To Account field.

Add an external account

Select Add an account manually and fill out the following information about your external account::

  • Account type (checking or savings).
  • Routing number.
  • Account number.
  • A nickname that will be used for future transfers.

Monitor the external account for two micro-transactions. You’ll see a message on your dashboard prompting you to enter the amounts of these transactions until you confirm.

Once you’ve confirmed the external account, it will be available in both the Quick and Classic transfer tabs to move money in and out of easily. You can also add external accounts by navigating to Settings and choosing the Accounts tab. Learn more in the Get to Know MyOCCU Online & Mobile article.


Edit or remove an external account


Navigate to Settings. Choose the Accounts tab.


Use the Pencil icon to edit the account or the trash can icon to remove the link to the account. If you change any account information, you will have to go through the confirmation process again.


Monitor your scheduled transfers

To see all upcoming transfers, choose the Scheduled tab.


There are three main sections of the Scheduled transfers screen:

Calendar view

This shows the next three months with the transfers occurring in those months highlighted with green dots.


Choose Filter on the right above the calendar display to search for specific date ranges.

Next transfer indicator

Under the calendar display, the next transfer in the selected date range appears. Selecting a date from the calendar changes which transfers appear. If there are multiple types of transfers in the same date range, they will all show. From here, you can also use the trash can icon to cancel and remove the scheduled transfer, or the pencil icon to edit the amount, end date and memo.


View your transfer history

Use the History tab to see past transfers, both one-off and scheduled. They are displayed with the date, amount, accounts and a success message.



By default, the transfers are sorted by date, but you can use the up and down arrows next to the date and amount columns to change the sorting.

Select any of the transfers in the list to see more information about it.