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Certificates, also known as certificates of deposit or CDs, are a great way to grow your savings into something even more remarkable. If you won't need access to your savings for a fixed amount of time, OCCU Certificate Accounts let you earn guaranteed interest at certain points throughout your certificate's term. Our certificate options include Regular Certificate Accounts and Jumbo Certificate Accounts, as well as the Bump Up and Pick Your Term Certificate options. Find out which choice is best for you by checking out the features below.

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  • Higher dividend rates
  • No risk to principal deposit
  • Funds are insured
  • Easy online opening


  • Earn more interest on your savings than with regular savings accounts.
  • Peace of mind knowing your initial deposit is protected. So is your interest, as long as you leave the funds in for the full term.
  • Your savings are insured by the NCUA, which is backed by the U.S. government.

See which certificate helps you earn the most

Take the guesswork out of planning for the future with any of OCCU’s certificate accounts. 

Regular Certificate Accounts

With OCCU's Regular Certificate Accounts, you can choose how long your savings will be earning higher interest. Terms can be as short as six months or as long as five years, when you invest at least $500.*

Jumbo Certificate Accounts

If you’re a serious saver with at least $100,000 to invest, you can earn even higher interest with our Jumbo Certificate Accounts.*

Pick Your Term Certificate

If you have a short-term savings goal and want a higher yield, this is the option for you. A Pick Your Term Certificate lets you choose any term between six and 60 months. Say you're saving for a vacation in 16 months. You're no longer limited to a 12-month certificate. Now you can earn higher-yield certificate rates right up to your vacation.

If the term is between The rate will be
6–11 months 6 month CD rate
12–17 months 12 month CD rate
18–23 months 18 month CD rate
24–35 months 24 month CD rate
36–47 months 36 month CD rate
48–59 months 48 month CD rate
60 months 60 month CD rate

Bump Up Certificate

You never know when interest rates might go up. So if they do, our Bump Up Certificates give you the opportunity to increase your rate and make an additional deposit once during your term.

A Bump Up Certificate works just like a regular certificate, with three main differences:

  1. The Bump Up Certificate is offered only in 24- and 48-month terms.

  2. If certificate rates increase during the term of your Bump Up Certificate (outside of specials or promotional rates), you can elect to have a one-time rate increase applied to your certificate. This lets you take advantage of an increase in rates during the fixed term of your deposit. 

  3. You also have the option to make a one-time additional deposit to your Bump Up Certificate up to the amount of the original principal balance. This allows you to earn more interest than if you opened a new certificate account. For example, if you open a Bump Up Certificate for $10,000, you may make one additional deposit of up to $10,000 anytime during the term.

I have a bunch of accounts there, things like savings…and CDs, which they give really good rates.

Martha Bayless

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*The Regular Certificate Account and Jumbo Certificate Account Annual Percentage Yields (APY) & rates are current as of 1/18/2018. There is a minimum balance requirement of $500 to open the Regular Certificate Account and earn the APY. There is a minimum balance requirement of $100,000 to open the Jumbo Certificate Account and earn the APY. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Fees could reduce earnings.