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No matter what life throws at you, you’ll find the right personal lending option at OCCU. If you’re ready to begin your passion project or just want to be ready for a rainy day, we’re here to help reach your financial goals.

Personal Loan

Life has a way of keeping you on your toes. When the unexpected happens, a personal loan can help you pivot and meet the unexpected with confidence. 

We get it, things pop up and you find yourself needing some extra cash. Personal loans can help provide you the extra cash when you need it most to quickly cover all your unexpected expenses. Looking to consolidate debts or an unexpected repair or purchase? We've got your back. Our personal loan can help get your finances back on track and provide you peace of mind knowing that you're saving more with lower rates compared to credit cards.




Depending on your credit qualifications, you could be approved for a personal loan up to $50,000. Our personal loan is a fixed-term, fixed-rate loan without any origination or service fees. Paying back your personal loan is easy with automatic payments available so you never worry about missing a payment. 



Annual Percentage Rate (APR)*

* Depending on credit qualifications and term length, the APR is 7.49-19.49%. Rate is current as of 1/22/20.
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Personal Line of Credit

Ready to start that passion project but not sure exactly when or how much it will cost? Or did you unexpectedly spend more than you planned? 

A personal line of credit provides you the flexibility to access funds whenever you need them over a period of time at lower rates compared to credit cards. That will help keep your project -- and budget -- on track. Plus, you can set your personal line of credit as overdraft protection. This helps you prevent having a transaction declined for insufficient funds. Being prepared for expected and unexpected expenses is possible with a personal line of credit with OCCU. 




Depending on your credit qualifications, you could be approved for a personal line of credit up to $50,000. You can make a withdrawal from the line of credit whenever you like by simply making a transfer to your checking account in Internet or mobile banking, or by visiting a branch. All these benefits without an annual fee. 



Annual Percentage Rate (APR)*

*The Personal Line of Credit interest rate is a variable APR based on the prime rate, plus margin. Depending on credit qualifications, the APR is 9.75-24.49%. Rate is current as of 11/1/19.
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Thank you again for helping me out last week with that small loan. I am very grateful for you going the extra mile. If you hadn’t been able to help me, I’m not sure what I would have been able to do.

Sarah M.

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