Apply here to request Skip-A-Pay for your Oregon Community Credit Union loan(s). By completing this form, you are requesting to skip up to two loan payments on up to two accounts. Due to ineligibility, we may process one request but not the other. To qualify for this program, the following conditions apply:

  1. $25 per loan, per month skipped. Fee debited from selected account when Skip-A-Pay request is approved.
  2. Requests must be received at least six (6) days before the payment due date.
  3. The skip will be applied to the next payment due date.
  4. Your account must be in good standing at Oregon Community Credit Union.
  5. This offer is NOT applicable to Mortgage Loans, Home Equity Loans, Personal Credit Lines, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Student Loans, Other Loans or Past Due Loans.
  6. Interest will continue to accrue on all skipped payments and will extend the term of your loan.
  7. Skip payments can affect payment protection and GAP coverage; see your agreement for details.
  8. A payment cannot be reversed once it is made.
  9. New loans that have not had at least two payments are ineligible.
  10. Loan payments that are made through automatic payment will be properly altered.
  11. Loans with two (2) deferments in the past 12 months are ineligible.
  12. You are responsible for changing the date on transfers setup within Internet Banking.

Loan Information

Loan #1

Loan #2

Fee Payment Information

There is a $25 fee, per loan, per month skipped.* Please choose one of the following payment methods:

Clicking submit authorizes the Credit Union to make an electronic transfer in the amount* and from the account above. You must be an owner or authorized signer on the account funds are transferring from. If funds are not available, the Credit Union will not complete this request. Your origination of the electronic transfer under this agreement must comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, including Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations.