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Smishing – a term that combines “phishing” with short message service (or SMS text messages) – is one of the latest forms of identity theft. Learn about what smishing is, how they work, and ways to verify messages to stay safe against smishing scams. 

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Discover the savings account that earns 52 times more than the national savings account average. Ignite Savings is OCCU’s high-yield savings account — a versatile money tool available for everyone to put their money to work. 

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Introducing the four basic money superheroes you can enlist to help you push back against a tough economy. From earning more with soundness to a high-yield savings account – find out how our team’s here with the products and service to help you weather whatever the economy has in store.

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When it comes to your money — where to keep it, how to spend it, who you trust to keep it safe — you have options. So. Many. Options.

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When it comes to paying for college, options abound. With a little planning and preparation, you can head off to school ready to focus more on your studies and worry less about your tuition bill. We’ve got some ideas to help.

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With a contactless credit card, using and managing your card is easier and safer than ever. Find out more about what a contactless credit card is and the benefits that come with using one.

We’re here to serve as your safety net when things are shifting all around us. We have many financial solutions and we’re ready to meet you where you are. Here are all the ways our team’s ready to support you

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Everyone’s path to homeownership looks different. No matter what path you’re on, the OCCU mortgage advisor team is ready to connect and share all the options we have available to help you reach your home goals. Find out more about all the OCCU mortgage lending options we have available.