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Everyone’s path to homeownership looks different. No matter what path you’re on, the OCCU mortgage advisor team is ready to connect and share all the options we have available to help you reach your home goals. Find out more about all the OCCU mortgage lending options we have available. 

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Looking to earn more on your savings without locking your money down? A money market account can be the right option for you – even in an uncertain economy. Find out more about money market accounts and how they can help grow your money and kick your savings into high gear.  

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Play ball! We’ve teamed up with the Eugene Emeralds to bring you OCCU Fridays at PK Park. OCCU members get buy one get one free (BOGO) tickets for every Friday home game. Get the details on this newest OCCU member benefit.

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We’ve been through some exciting changes together – and we’re still picking up momentum! Here are eight ways you can stay connected to the OCCU team, learn the latest updates on our growth together and strengthen your financial wellness.

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When you join the credit union movement, you become a part of something great. When you take off toward your money goals, you’re helping your friends and neighbors reach theirs as well. 

Bank tellers assisting members in an OCCU credit union branch.

We’re branching out and planting roots in new places! Meet our new Junction City branch team and find out what we’re looking forward to as we join the community. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Shred Fest 2022!

Topics: Community
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