Seven tips to keep your heating bill down this winter

The crisp fall air feels like a balm after the summer heat.

How to winterize your home

High winds, pelting rains, falling shingles — winters in the Pacific Northwest can be tough on your home.

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Four reasons to make a holiday spending plan

While new tools like online shopping and digital payments have helped make shopping for the holidays more manageable, there’s o

Three reasons to make an estate plan

Wealth—you can’t take it with you. But that doesn’t mean you don’t care what happens to it when you’re gone.

Home buying in Bend Oregon

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Bend, fall is a good time.

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Money managing tips for teens

As your teen prepares to launch into the world, you want to give them the best start you can.

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IRA vs 401K

Yesterday’s retirees collected pensions and bought condos in Florida.

HELOC helping families

Kindergarten teacher Sarah M, sees a lot of kids. Some can’t afford school supplies. Some are hungry.

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