How we help our members and communities grow

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In times of rapid change, we all need strong, healthy communities to help us thrive. When everyone invests in the community, from businesses to nonprofits to individuals, it gives back by supporting us through tough times.

As a credit union, OCCU is deeply invested in the communities we serve. When the people around us grow and prosper, so do we. And when we grow and prosper, so do the people around us. That’s why we’re committed to our continual growth—so we can better serve our communities and help lift everyone up along with us.

OCCU is Oregon’s second-largest credit union and we’re still growing. Our priority is to cultivate opportunities to better serve our members wherever they are, whether that’s in-branch or digital banking. To do that, we’re focusing on three areas:

Expanding our branch footprint

Our physical presence in the communities we serve is more important to us than ever. We’re continuing to expand our service footprint by opening new branch locations throughout our communities.

By living and working alongside our members, we’re better able to understand and anticipate their needs. The face-to-face interactions we share with members during their branch visits remind us why we do what we do. Most of all, we want to be within easy reach whenever you need us.


Giving back to those in need

A community is only as strong as its most vulnerable members, and charitable giving is one of the pillars of any healthy society. We established the OCCU Foundation in 2018 to help ensure the philanthropic resources of local individuals, families and businesses are spent strategically to help our neighbors live better, learn more and innovate for the benefit of all.

OCCUF partners with donors, nonprofits and academia to invest in initiatives that create lasting impact for our communities. Since its founding, OCCUF has donated more than $1 million in charitable gifts—and we’re just getting started. Learn more about how you can partner with us here.

Enriching our members’ experience

Above all, we’re here for our members. We measure our success by the quality of the experience you receive with us. We’re always looking for ways to improve and are here to listen.

When you take the time to give us feedback, it helps guide our decisions about the products, services and benefits we provide. Since our members are also our owners, we’re accountable to you for the choices we make, and we care about what you think. Through our Member Enrichment Program, we’re making it easier than ever to share your ideas with us. In less than five minutes, you can help shape the future of your OCCU membership.

Working together, we can help our communities become stronger and more resilient. At OCCU, we’re doing our part by becoming stronger and more resilient ourselves so we’re better able to serve you. Thank you for being a part of our community.