Business Certificates

Earn a higher rate on your terms

Business Certificates are a great way to set aside money for short-term savings goals with interest rates typically higher than most savings or money market accounts. Certificates let you secure a fixed interest rate over a fixed period of time. Time periods range from months to years while taking advantage of flexible maturity options. When your certificate matures, you can choose to renew it or to redeem it.

Loyal members with two or more business accounts have access to special pricing and flexible maturity options for 24-month certificates. Also, with our new Bump-Up Certificate, members can select either a 24-month or 48-month certificate and bump up their rate to match any rate we may have, once per product, per term. You can also bump up your balance by adding an additional deposit in an amount up to the original deposit amount, once per product, per term.

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Business Certificate details

Fixed interest and terms from six months to 60 months

Flexible maturity options

Relationship pricing on 24-month certificates for higher interest rates

Bump Up Certificate option

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