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Savings: We all know we should, but many of us don't. 

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Blank face + question mark + quivering mouth + Home Alone face = the feeling you get when trying to decipher confusing financial information.

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When taking out a loan for a new home or car, it’s important to understand what makes up a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio and how it can affect your loan terms.

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We all have a FICO score, or at least anyone who has ever used credit does. Although you may be familiar with the concept of a credit score, do you really know what goes into coming up with a FICO score?

Interested in hitting the road to explore our amazing state?

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When it comes to finances, doesn’t it seem like some people just have a knack for managing their money wisely and some don’t?

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Among the many meaningful numbers in your life is one that has a huge impact in your financial affairs: your credit score.