Submitting An Offer

Prepare for your winning offer

Once you've found a house that's right for you, it's time to write an offer that appeals to both you and the seller. Your REALTOR® will help you propose a winning offer, but before you start, take a moment to prepare with some of our handy tips.

Tell the seller why you're interested

Sellers receive many offers, so it helps to differentiate yourself from the other buyers. In the offer, explain why you want the home. This can be especially beneficial if the reason is to raise a family in the home or to be closer to loved ones.

Add an escalation cause

You don't have to constantly counter other buyers' offers in order to beat them. Though it is less common, by adding an escalation clause, you can increase your offer by a certain percent if others beat you. Just make sure to set a limit that you and your loan officer are comfortable with.

Simplify the seller's to-do list

Sellers want a good price, but they also have a lot on their plates. To improve your offer without raising the price, offer to simplify their steps. Let them know if you're willing to clean the house yourself, or use the settlement agent of their choice. That way, they won't have to travel when it comes to settling.

Make your own repairs

Sellers are often responsible for a handful of home repairs before moving out. Depending on the extremity and urgency, consider fixing some issues yourself. If you feel comfortable with the price and process, asking to do minor repairs yourself can save the seller time and effort while improving your offer.

Include a pre-qualification letter from your loan officer

As you write your offer, you'll work more closely with your REALTOR than your loan officer. But before it's time to submit, you should also have your loan officer write a pre-qualification letter to the seller. This letter will help show the seller that you're able to finance the home.

Communicate with your REALTOR and loan officer

Remember that communication is key during the mortgage process. Always keep both your loan officer and REALTOR in the loop so that each step is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.