Requesting a stop payment

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Sometimes you realize you’ve written a check for the wrong amount, or need to cancel a purchase after mailing a check. There are several situations when you might need to undo a scheduled electronic funds transfer. OCCU is happy to stop payment in situations where the amount has not been processed - without charging you a fee.

You may submit your request for a stop payment through Internet or Mobile Banking or by calling OCCU as soon as possible with basic financial information about the item or items you wish to cancel.

Unfortunately, you cannot use Internet Banking to place a stop payment on a check that has been converted to an electronic debit. All such requests, along with those for ACH debits and preauthorized electronic funds transfers, must be done by phone or in person.

Stop payment does not work for Bill Pay. For Bill Pay stop payments, a Phone Representative will be happy to assist you. Please call:
Local: 541.687.2347
Out of Area: 800.365.1111


You are requesting Oregon Community Credit Union to stop payment on the check(s) described. If you give the Credit Union the incorrect check number(s), the Credit Union will not be responsible for failing to stop payment on the check(s). You agree that the Credit Union will not be responsible for stopping payment unless your stop payment order is received by the Credit Union within a reasonable time for the Credit Union to act on your stop payment order prior to final payment or similar action. You understand that your stop payment request is conditional and subject to the Credit Union’s verification that the check(s) has/have not already been paid or that some other action to pay the check(s) has not been taken. You understand that stop payment orders are effective for six (6) months. A stop payment order may be renewed in writing. The Credit Union will not notify you when a stop payment order expires. You agree to notify the Credit Union promptly upon the issuance of any duplicate check number(s), which replace the check(s) subject to this order, or upon return of the original check(s). You should be aware that while payment of the check may be stopped, you may remain liable to any person, including the Credit Union, who is a holder of the check despite the stop payment order. You agree to indemnify and hold the Credit Union harmless from all costs, including attorney’s fees, damages, or claims related to the Credit Union’s action in refusing payment of the check(s), including claims of any joint owner, payee, or endorsee, or in failing to stop payment of a check(s) as a result of incorrect information provided by you. See the Membership and Account Agreement for additional information regarding stop payments.