Homebuying 101 - Closing

It's almost time to call the house a home

Congratulations! If you've reached the closing step, your offer has been accepted and your home inspection, property appraisal and title search have been completed. As you take the last step of your homebuyer journey, stay in touch with your REALTOR® and OCCU loan officer. We'll be here to answer questions, simplify steps and keep you on the right track. But first, we'd like to give you a better sense of what to expect when closing day comes.

Schedule closing day

You're almost ready to sign the paperwork and start packing boxes. Before you do, you'll need to review your documents and talk to your REALTOR about scheduling a closing day appointment with the Title Company. To learn more about the closing process, take a look at our closing process guide below.

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Review your closing disclosure

After you've scheduled your closing day, you'll receive your closing disclosure. This breaks down the final costs you'll owe and all credits you'll receive before moving into your new home. In order to close, you'll need to carefully review this document with your loan officer, sign it and bring it with you on closing day.

Close on your home

On closing day, you'll meet the escrow officer at his or her office to sign documents and make any final payments. Then, you'll wait two days for the deed to record before picking up your keys and moving into your new home. Be sure to come prepared on your closing day by reviewing

Closing Tips

Move into your new home!

Get ready to put a new welcome mat at your front door. Once you've closed and picked up your keys, it's finally time to enjoy life as a homeowner! To celebrate your success, share a photo of your new home with friends and family over your social networks.

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